About Us

1Husband and wife duo Zabeh and Makial Anwar got tired of living the life up north and decided to come to the sunshine state and start a new life. Big changes were made in every aspect of their lives. After years of working in The Big Apple as a food vendor, Zabeh Anwar wanted to do something he enjoys. he’s always had a passion for cooking and has held many social events involving his culinary skills, especially in the grilling department. So how better to combine his love for cooking and new life than to open a restaurant of his own, where he can show off his skills and please people while making a living?

Makial Anwar is a dental hygienist and has been practicing for over 15 years. She has always wanted to run her own business and loves dealing with the public. She believed in always doing the best job possible and strives for exceeding expectations. So this was the birth of the idea of owning a restaurant.

Jacksonville was chosen as the perfect location for what they wanted to offer. Mr. and Mrs. Anwar wanted to give the people of Jacksonville a taste of their

authentic Halal Afghan cuisine. The doors of Kabob-e, which in Persian translates to meat “the kabob place”, was opened on August 03, 2012, and has been a big hit ever since.

Kabob-e offers fresh, healthy Afghani and Mediterranean cuisine in a fast food setting. The recipes are traditional Afghan and Middle Eastern recipes handed down from generation to generation with a touch of modern flavor added on by Master Chef Zabeh. Kabob-e is on its way to being a big name in Jacksonville. Many efforts are underway to achieve this. Kabob-e wants to be a household name, with great food and great customer service in a great environment.